Die Umgebung ist reich an archäologischen Fundstätten. Sehenswert sind die Küstentürme, mittelalterliche Burgen, ländliche Kirchen, Domus de Janas, Heilige Brunnen, Nuraghen, Bergwerke und Grotten


Sardinia is known for the presence in its territory of ancients buildings named „nuraghe“: they are megalithic buildings, towers in truncated-cone’s shape made up of big stones. In all the…
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Medieval churches

The Medieval churches in Villaputzu were built several centuries ago according the typical Romanesque and Byzantine architectonic styles. Not all the churches are still unbroken: especially in the countryside there…
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Domus de Janas e pozzo sacro

Sardinia is a very old island, its ancient inhabitants have left a tangible evidence of their customs and religious beliefs. Near Porto Corallo there are domus de janas “S’Oru” and…
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Coastal Towers

Sardinia coasts have got several old sighting towers. In Villaputzu there are four towers: Murtas, Cape San Lorenzo, Turri Motta and Porto Corallo Tower; they were built by Aragoneses between…
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The Castles

In Villaputzu is possible visiting the ruins of two castles: one is near Porto Corallo, while the other is far 10 kilometers from the residence (in the north side). The…
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Villaputzu is an important tourist village situated in South East coast of Sardinia. In its territory there are several symbols of the nuragic civilization: ruins of nuraghe are located in…
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Mines and caves

For those persons interested in visiting amazing and characteristic places, the mountains of Villaputzu have got natural monuments and routes very enchanting. In Baccu Locci there are the ruins of…
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