Domus de Janas e pozzo sacro

Domus de Janas e pozzo sacro

Sardinia is a very old island, its ancient inhabitants have left a tangible evidence of their customs and religious beliefs. Near Porto Corallo there are domus de janas “S’Oru” and Pozzo Sacro “Is Pirois”.

Domus de janas dates back to pre-nuragic civilization which get its development between 3800 and 2900 B.C. Domus de janas is a Sardinian word which means “fairy house or house of the witch”: in other words they are hypogeal tombs (tombs built inside rocks).

There is another domus de janas named “Su Presoni”. It is dated back to early Christian period (238 B.C. – 476 A.C), it is located near the hill “Monti de Su Casteddu”. During next periods it was used as prison.

Pozzo Sacro are religious structures used for the cult of the water; this cult points out how very important was for daily life the water. The main target of these structures was receiving spring water which was considered sacred.

Pozzo Sacro Is Pirois has got an atrium made up of granitic rocks: there is a little stairs which takes in a room; in this room there is the water of the source.

Along the way for Baccu Locci mine there is the archaeological site named Tomba dei Giganti of „Bruncu Pedrarba“. Tomba dei Giganti were common graves typical of nuragic civilization.

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