Goni – Nuraghe Arrubiu

Goni – Nuraghe Arrubiu

In one hour by car from Porto Corallo is possible visit Pranu Mutteddu archaeological park and Nuraghe Arrubiu, which are considered two of the most important Sardinian archaeological sites.

Goni – Pranu Mutteddu- this archaeological site is characterized by presence of ancient tombs and menhir (from Breton words “men” e “hir” ,which means long stone: they are big stones driven into the ground), it was used for religious and sepulchral rites. This site is considered one of the most important of Sardinia because of the large number of menhir (about sixty).

Orroli – Nuraghe Arrubiu- it is one of the most important Nuraghe of Sardinia, it was built in XIV century b.c. Nuraghe Arrubiu represents the only sample of pentalobate nuraghe (five towers around the central one), the central towers is high 30 meter. The word Arrubiu in Sardinian language means red, it is known as Red Giant: this name is due for the big structure of nuraghe and the red colour of its stones. It is situated in the plane Su Pranu.

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