Sardinia is known for the presence in its territory of ancients buildings named “nuraghe”: they are megalithic buildings, towers in truncated-cone’s shape made up of big stones. In all the island there are more or less 7000 nuraghe. At the moment there is uncertainty about their purpose: the most of dedicated to history asserts they were built for military and strategic purposes. The origin of the word is “nur”; it means “caved heap of large stone blocks”. Nuraghe can get several structures: monotorre, circular plan with central tower, or poli-lobate structure. This one is the more complex, it is similar to a fortress with several towers connected by bastions in order to protect the central tower.

In Villaputzu there are “Nuraghe monotorre”: Costa Funtanas, Perda Su Luiaxu, San Lorenzo. In surroundings it is possible visiting nuraghe Asoru, or the poli-lobate structure of Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli.

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