Porto Corallo Pet Friendly Beaches Sardinia

Spiagge Pet friendly Sardegna

Corallo Vacanze holiday rentals in Sardinia in Residence formula: pets are permitted.
Nearby Corallo Vacanze holiday rentals, two pet friendly beaches porto corallo are available, here you can spend nice days near the sea with your “friends”.
Corallo Vacanze means “Porto Corallo Pet Friendly and Pet friendly Sardinia beaches”. BOOK ON LINE CORALLO VACANZE“.

Holiday rentals in formula residence South East Sardinia – two dog beaches Porto Corallo. At the moment they are not equipped, these are delimitated areas for holidays in Sardinia with animals.
Animal friendly areas are:
– dog beach Prumari beach (see beach) just 1.5 km away.
– dog beach of Murtas beach (see beach) just 6 km away.

Corallo Vacanze has an agreement with Velasport beach service. For those who have a dog (or other animal), law is clear: generally they cannot stay in public beaches.
However, according to an ordinance presence of animals in beach services can be agreed with beach service manager. Important issues to know: animals must be calm, must be under the umbrella.

Important To know:

Access: Beaches for animals are not equipped, access is free.
Beach rules for dogs: everyone is totally responsible for its animal, bring the health booklet, the leash, the muzzle, the hygiene kit and any medicines that may be needed.
It is also recommend keeping a portable bowl and a bottle of water.

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