Sagra degli Agrumi

Sagra degli Agrumi

…. THREE DAYS OF TRADITION AND FOLK…. Every April there will be “la Sagra degli Agrumi”

Special Offer Corallo Vacanze – Sagra Degli Agrumi –

The strong connection between local population (and the farmers) and this cultivation explains the organization of the feast dedicated to oranges (Sagra degli Agrumi). During the feast it is possible taste the fruit; many Sardinian folk groups and Etnotraccas (representation of ancient jobs upon carts ) go by through the main road of Muravera.
Historical books deals about the introduction of this fruit. it is related with Spanish invasion.
In the alluvial plain of Sarrabus flows the most important river of Sardinia, Flumendosa. The conformation of the territory and the particular climate represent essential elements for citrus cultivations. Villaputzu and surrounding territories are well known all over Sardinia for its oranges: they are delightful, juicy and sweet.


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